Liberty for Youth UPDATE

Two weeks of Liberty For Youth have gone by, so here is an update! Last week we had the opportunity to do some baking and cooking. The baking involved sticky dough that formed into delicious biscuits some of which were covered with cheese! Cooking that week was adventurous as well, a variety of veggies and some meat went into a frittata that many enjoyed. We had a laugh at the pronunciation of frittata, many thought we were making fajitas again!
Yesterday we did the double show once again, baking zucchini bran muffins and cooking up some sandwiches. The muffins were delicious and nutritious. Sandwiches came in a variety of flavours including turkey, grilled cheese, and even peanut butter and blueberry. Our CFAs let us know that fresh fruit like blueberries is a great alternative to sugar filled jams. It sure was delicious!

Something New at Liberty

Last week at L4Y we did something a little different. We made a Watermelon Power Drink!!! This drink consisted of watermelon, lime, mint, some ginger, and a touch of water. What is great about this alternative is that it has no artificial sugar. Usually sports drinks are full of artificial sugar, but this drink will allow for a clean restoration of your electrolytes. After the drink, we cooked up some veggies and meat to make fajitas. Everyone made up their own according to their tastes and we all had a delicious treat. What a great night!


Last night at Liberty for Youth, we had an exciting night of personal pita pizzas! There were a variety of exciting toppings accessible to us thanks to our wonderful community food advisers. The ingredients available included red pepper, onion, pineapple, mozzarella, goats cheese, pepperoni, and tomato. To top it all of we had a yummy Cesar salad as well. Coming together to make and eat food is a wonderful part of how we build community. We at Faith are thankful for this opportunity to do this with Liberty for Youth.

Cooking with Liberty for Youth

Last night at Liberty for Youth, we had a good group come together to eat together and fellowship. In the kitchen and around the table we gathered to make, eat, and talk. There was a variety of food on the table this week, and the theme was picnic! The menu included corn, fruit, veggies, homemade hummus, toasted bread, and pasta salad. The corn on the cob was boiled with butter and salt. The homemade hummus was made with chickpeas, olive oil, salt, and some garlic in a food processor. The toasted bread was buttered and broiled. The pasta salad was pasta, mayo, carrots, and some salt. It was a fun night, and as always we look forward to coming back together again soon.

Hot Lunch Hi-Lites

You know this year is coming to an end when there is no more Hot Lunch Club for 2015. The summer was filled with five delightful outdoor BBQ’s and October and November saw a return to the indoors. October we enjoyed Chef Nick who helped us get ready to entertain for Thanksgiving and taught us simple appetizers. The samples were truly delicious and I just might add the recipes to my already healthy selection. November we sat down to a truly wonderful feast with all the holiday trimmings and  it was our best attended event. Do hope you enjoyed yourself and the take home favours. We were entertained by the Ancaster Swing Band, they are fabulous, and will return next year. They led us in  a delightful holiday sing song to end the day. Many thanks to Bonnie, Linda, Christine and the Band for making the year such a success. Interested? Join us January 27, 2016 at 11:30, Faith Lutheran Church, 1907 King Street East, 11:30 to 12:30. Call 905 549-5550 or email for more information. See you soon.