Liberty for Youth UPDATE

Two weeks of Liberty For Youth have gone by, so here is an update! Last week we had the opportunity to do some baking and cooking. The baking involved sticky dough that formed into delicious biscuits some of which were covered with cheese! Cooking that week was adventurous as well, a variety of veggies and some meat went into a frittata that many enjoyed. We had a laugh at the pronunciation of frittata, many thought we were making fajitas again!
Yesterday we did the double show once again, baking zucchini bran muffins and cooking up some sandwiches. The muffins were delicious and nutritious. Sandwiches came in a variety of flavours including turkey, grilled cheese, and even peanut butter and blueberry. Our CFAs let us know that fresh fruit like blueberries is a great alternative to sugar filled jams. It sure was delicious!